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Con il suo terminale giocoso,  Definition of ad libitum (Entry 2 of 2) : omissible according to a performer's wishes —used as a direction in music — compare obbligato entry 1 Examples of ad libitum in a Sentence adj. 1. Music At the discretion of the performer. Used chiefly as a direction giving license to alter or omit a part. Ad libitum is also used in psychology and biology to refer to the "free-feeding" weight of an animal, as opposed, for example, to the weight after a restricted diet or pair feeding. For example, "The rat's ad libitum weight was about 320 g." In nutritional studies, this phrase denotes providing an animal free access to feed or water, thereby at one's pleasure.

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Ad Libitum Sjunger Beatles. av Eva Dahlgren - Lill Lindfors - Anne-Lie Rydé - Basse Wi Vinyl LP. EMI / Parlophone. Katalognr: 1362241. Sverige. 1986. Ad Libitum covered Lys og varme Baby (One More Time), Michelle, Because, Drive My Car and other songs.

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Définition. Locution latine exprimant l' indifférence quant à une décision. Liberté laissée à un musicien lorsqu'il exécute une  Laure Sainte-Rose, restauratrice à l'Atelier cinématographique Ad libitum Ad libitum restaure, sauvegarde et numérise des films d'archives originaux  13 avr.

Ad libitum

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Pièce(s) classique(s) de Jean   17 mars 2021 Ad libitum, la deuxième exposition personnelle de l'artiste italien Michele Spanghero La Galerie Alberta Pane est heureuse de présenter Ad  Fiche courses de AD LIBITUM : Toutes ses performances, sa musique et sa carrière de courses en vidéo. 13 oct.

Ad libitum

1986. Ad Libitum covered Lys og varme Baby (One More Time), Michelle, Because, Drive My Car and other songs.
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Ad libitum

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Definition of ad libitum in the dictionary. Meaning of ad libitum. What does ad libitum mean? Information and translations of ad libitum in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Ad Libitum. 834 gillar.